May 2017:  Multi block lino print

I am going to experiment with this excellent method of creating a multi coloured lino print without having to reprint paper as you cut up the block and ink up each section and print it in one go.

I did one today to have a go at this and will be doing more.

4th May 2017:  I decided to have a go at drawing for a lino print, a reduction print, in black, grey and white and based on my image of Huddersfield.  My previous image was a photo taken from a documentary on the north in the 60s – I need to do more drawing!

I am using my new registration board but it is not that easy to use, you still have to cut your paper exactly and line it up very correctly, so we will see if it works any better than my own registration methods where I use card and masking tape.  I have so far printed only a very pale grey which I will use for the windows, the road and parts of the distant buildings.  Mainly the print will be dark grey and black with white house facings and a white moon and white smoke.  I may do a blend for the sky using dark black/blue to pale yellow…. I’ll have to see.


21st April 2017: I .discovered Laura Boswell and her .method for registration of multi colour prints and ordered one of her registration bases today.

Sadly her method did not work for me and I have gone back to using Belinda Del Pesco’s registration method whereby you sink the lino plate into a card base and use markers for the paper – it’s the only method that has worked so far for me

February 2017: My initial theme is Everyday Objects and I have started drawing using various media: charcoal, pen and ink as well as using media like acetate and collage.  This specific section of my blog will document my work on this course for the next year.

Work on the Diploma in Fine Art Printmaking so far this year 2017:

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