This blog includes all the work I am producing for my online printmaking course: Diploma in Fine Art Printmaking which I started in February 2017.

Having spent many years doing photography I want to be more creative and printmaking is a good way to do that – it is not easy and requies you to really think about how to create an image.

The Course contents are as follows:

Module 1:  Studio Space and Materials : I have created a studio space in my office where I also teach English so I have to be clean and organised and I cannot leave prints drying when I am teaching!  I need to buy a print drying rack next.  I have a nice space to work and store prints in a small plan chest from Ikea, but soon I will need a new plan chest and who knows where I will store it!

Module 2: Drawing for Print, Research and Study :

Module 3 and 4:  Monoprinting 1 and 2 : I like this method and I went to Cally Road and bought some nice bevelled squares of thick glass on which to do some monoprinting.  I made a book using these prints

Module 5:  Collograph and Found Object Painting:  I have done a couple of collographs but I prefer to print them intaglio method and for that I need  press – I will be enrolling at a local printmaking studio for open access in the autumn so I am saving this method for then.

Module 6:  Linocut : I have done many lino cuts so far, it is by far the easiest method.

Module 7:  Woodcut: Not my favourite method as it blunts your tools and is difficult as you can’t get many different marks easily.  However I did a woodcut workshop in April at Inky Cuttlefish Studio which was okay!

Module 8: Advanced Relief Printing:  I haven’t looked at this module yet as I am still working through the other modules.

Module 9: Experimental Relief Printmaking

Module 10:  Drypoint

Module 11: Screen Printing

Module 12: Wood Engraving

Module 13:  Presenting your prints and what’s next?


  1. From Research to Print
  2. In the style of ….
  3. Pick a Word
  4. Develop a project further

There are also projects included in the modules and extra things to try out.  So far in June 2017 I have done monoprinting, lino prints and drypoint. 

I am doing a screen printing workshop in July so that will add to my skills.