Where I was born

May 2017:  Third printing of this image

I went to buy some of the paper I have chosen to use for my future lino prints – there are two colours in the range: one is a biscuit colour and the other is an off white paper – Khadi rag paper at 70p a sheet which is very cheap for hand made paper and it prints so nicely and evenly.

I have reworked the image as it had problems with the texture and smoothness of the print quality and also some of the shapes, did not work.

This is the first printing and the final one is black.  It has printed really nicely – the Linoldruk aqua lino printing ink from Cornelissons is really smooth and liquid and prints very nicely and evenly and doesn’t require lots of pressure.

print 1

the first printing, mid grey, next black


A registration method I have tried before – still a bit hit and miss for me

I have had lots of problems registering prints and I am still looking for a better method – the above one is not good as the paper is too close to the lino – I need to build a better base where the paper guides are further away from the block, so that it’s easier to place the paper down.

May 2017: I did some drawing of the scene I did as a drypoint to try to make it look less like a photograph and more suitable for a lino print.  I will use 3 colours, black, grey and white.

So far I have printed a pale grey just to see how the image looks, I may not use much of it.  I have used the new registration based but you really need very exact paper to match up with the marks so I am not sure if it will work that well. we will see after 3 layers.  I have coated the based with librifilm to keep it clean

The final image is okay if a bit rough.


I used the Laura Barlow registration based which I bought for £35.00 – it didn’t work for me as you have to mark up the paper with lines that match the board – the size of the paper you have to use is odd too, 14 x 11 inches, which means you have to be really good at cutting paper exactly to size.  I have abandoned this method and have gone back to my old method of using card strips.


The other question is smooth or rough – the above print was done on Khadi paper lightweight from Cornelissons 1.70 a sheet, it is a light biscuit colour, smooth with bits in.  I really like it.  I think I will carry on with my own method and the khadi paper.

This print was doing using Aqua linoldruck lino ink by Cornelissons as is really smooth and the paper is really smooth, somehow it had no character.  For the first time I have a really smooth even surface of ink!!


So the next stage is to do the same print on khadi, so I need to get into town to get some and also some black aqua lino ink from there too.

I abandoned the above smooth print as I have decided to go with the previous image, printed more carefully on on the same nice Khadi paper from Cornelissons.