Artists, printmakers and images discovered online:  I need to be less realistic with my lino prints and to look at how to minimise the detail, to look at the key elements of the print and to learn how to eliminate aspects that get in the way of making an image that works. These are some images by artists who have learned how to do this.

some new images found in May:  the beach one is almost the same as my photographs of the Thames Estuary – I love the reflections and the dark posts against the pale sky.

lino print to do

And another one that I like very much – the shapes and the detail and the colours:

yellow and black

some new images that I have found:

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I don’t usually like these type of pristine, perfect, stylised images, especially if they are lino prints, I don’t understand why they have to be so ‘clean’.  But anyway I like the way the textures of the objects are interpreted and the odd shape too – it doesn’t have to be square or rectangular: all the objects are flattened, there is no 3d or light and shade.

lino print

Two images that I found today are a screenprint and a painting: the screenprint because it doesn’t work to the edges of the print, and the sea scene has lovely shapes, colours and composition:

boat imagescreenprints

25 Jan: We are advised to go on research trips regularly.  I am planning a visit to the British Museum to have a wander around and find something that takes my interest.  I spent some time a few years ago drawing and photographing the Assyrian reliefs.  I need to find something less figurative to start with, maybe patterns, colours, shapes.

24 Jan: Two of my favourite prints this week


Ian Macnab, Snow on Radnor Hills, woodcut


woodcut by Petra Vesna, in the style of Angie Lewin