Reduction Lino print: Mondrian’s pipe

A new lino print is from a constructed photograph I made some years ago and is based on my homage to Andre Kertesz’s photograph Mondrian’s pipe and glasses.  My image adds a feather and an egg and is entitled The Surrealist’s Breakfast.

This is my plate with the white areas removed and the resultant pale grey print.  The size is 12 inches x 10 inches.  This is a test print.  To see if the shapes, shadows and colour palette work.

The next colour will be mid grey; then dark grey and some black maybe, it depends on how the dark grey looks, black might be a bit too stark and too contrasty.

4th April 2017:  I printed a mid to dark grey and realise that I will need to re shoot this set up as it’s too complicated and the shadows don’t relate to the objects.  Also the saucer is not round, the grey is too dark.  So lots of work to do.  I have some new lino 12 inches x 12 inches.  I will reshoot this project and get the lighting better.


I need a feather and a pair of dark black spectacles and an egg, a small coffee cup and saucer and a bigger saucer, a pipe and an ashtray.