Module 3 & 4: Monoprints

More Monoprinting : January 2018:  Today I went to do some monoprinting and use an etching press for my series on the Tree that wanted to fly.  I have so far done a drypoint and a woodcut.  These images use 4 colours, the shapes are overprinted or reversed printed on Fabriano paper.


Modules 3 and 4:  Monoprints: Single Colour and Multi Colour:

Back drawing is a method whereby you roll out thin ink on a sheet of plexiglass, lay your printing paper on the plate and draw on the back wiht a pencil – wherever you leave a mark you will be creating a mark with the ink on the printing side of the paper.

I did some back drawing using a coloured rolled up plate with blue and raw umber, but only got one that was successful. it has enough colour to make it textural, and light and dark to give it a 3d sense.


18 Feb:  a sunny Saturday in London.  Today I went to buy a new sketchbook, it has a canvas cover so you can decorate it yourself – what a nice idea.  I also bought some heavyweight, smooth paper to print my book pages.

Monoprinting : multicolours: Using actual objects to print from.

I did two monoprints.  I am looking for more interesting items for my everyday theme: today I found some rubber gloves to use and I am trying to think of what will go with the rubber gloves:  lemons? bananas? a homage to Giorgio de Chirico?!


My homage to Giorgio de Chirico! Monoprint

10 February 2017

In Modules 3 and 4 of the printmaking course we are working with monoprintSusan Yeates demonstrated various methods for monoprinting:

  • working directly into the rolled out ink
  • back drawing – drawing with a pencil or pointed implement onto the back of the paper
  • using stencils cut from fine paper

I worked today with a stencils and overprinted with back drawing in blue

Adding a third colour is always a difficult task – whether to use a complementary colour or something in the same colour palette.



I am looking at colour palettes, I like the one by Ben Nicholson, with its pale beige, yellow, mustard and dark grey.  These are cool colours and mixed from various tones: white, beige, blue, black, mustard, etc.


Nicholson, Ben; 1948 (still life); Leicester Arts and Museums Service;

Nicholson, Ben; 1948 (still life); Leicester Arts and Museums Service