Waterlow Park

25th September 2016: Autumn is just starting to appear in the trees and the fallen leaves.  There were still some huge sunflowers in the kitchen garden.  We sat on the grassy hill in the sun on this early autumn day.  Subs is recovering from a nasty bout of gastric illness last week and is still a bit weak, and he is now on serious health regime; he made a  raw salad. .  Pip our cat hasn’t budged all afternoon and is fast asleep under the duvet.

29th August 2016.  We love this park which has a famous house, owned by Charles II and where he used to meet Nell Gwynn.  It has a long ballroom and a cafe where you can buy tea and cakes.  There are art fairs once a month.  It was bequeathed to the borough in the 20th century.  I go here a lot to photograph the changing seasons, especially in the kitchen garden.  It has lakes, ducks, trees of all kinds and lots of catnip which we bring home for Pip, today he ate every leaf and twig.

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