Longstitch binding

April 2017 : I have started a longstitich binding using red bookcloth and 5 sections.  The sewing is difficult to remember and I will need to ask next week so I can finish it.  I have also started another one at home to practise the process.

You can see the stitiching holes in the second to last image.  The spine is reinforced with archival Snowden cartridge paper and the card covers attached.  The inside cover is red Canson which is quite thick but sticks well.

At home I am making another one but my pva did not stick it was too thin so I used Falkiners own glue which moves alot and is very wet.  I have put the yellow book to dry between weights.  The cover I printed using printmaking inks and stencils.

Once the case is dry I will drill the holes for the sections, using an electric drill, 3mm and hopefully sew with more of a thick thread than that in the red book.