About me

I am a London based artist and printmaker.  In the day I teach Business English in the corporate sector in London.  On my days off I do printmaking at an open access studio, as well as swimming, cycling and learning the flute

July 2018:  I have found a flute teacher – the only swap ad on gumtree!  I teach Helin English and she teachers me flute.  We are meeting next week at the Music and Beans cafe in Green Lanes.

Exhibitions:  I am exhibiting in two exhibitions this summer: one at the Arts Depot in north London and the other in Trowbridge in Wiltshire, I’m delivering one print on Monday to Trowbridge – a bit of a trek.

June 2018:  I am going to enjoy my summer in the print studio and hopefully get some work into exhibitions.  So far I have entered 4 print competitions and will be proofing my prints at East London Print Studio from next week.

I am progressing with the flute but so far haven’t found a teacher I can afford so I am using online lessons and my Tune a Day book!  My breathing and blowing is getting better and stronger.  I now know five notes and can play a simple tune.

March 2018:  I am currently learning to play the flute which I bought last Christmas and have been putting off – but I have finally started my lessons online with gobando.com and later on I will book some one to one lessons.


Learning how to hold the flute and play the two first notes D and Eb


I originally trained in design, running a design practice in Greece with a partner for five years. I did a degree in Printmaking at Farnham and an MA Photography course in London.  I have taught art and design, printmaking, IT, web design, digital imaging, textiles in London schools, colleges and unis.

the Dream

The Dream, etching and aquatint

Travel:  I have traveled widely from the US to India.  In India we built and ran a restaurant in Poona. I ran a creche in San Francisco and have taught English all over Europe.

Artistic Processes: I like mixing various processes, creating artists books and researching London history.  I have recently become an open access member at East London Printmakers and submitted some work to the Teesside Print Exhibition – my first drypoint in many years, part of a series on My Family Album:

the new coat

Family Album Series: The New Coat, drypoint

I used to promote artists books online at zybooks for 10 years and showcased the work of over 100 artists from around the world.  I started another six online collaborative global art projects too.


Bookwork: The Surrealist’s Breakfast

My family: I live in Islington with my partner Subs, who is a musician and gardener and our little cat, Pip who loves climbing trees and catching mice, well he did until he got diabetes, now he’s quite fat and can’t climb trees any more, poor little Pip.

pip bright

Pip our black cat


Subs and me at his  Deviant Amps gig in London in 2015


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