Module 6: Lino Prints

Before starting this module on Lino Prints I have been working with monoprints from Modules 4 and 5. 

Module 6: Lino prints:  So far since March 2017 I have produced various lino prints:

Single Colour:  Topic Everyday Things:

Multi colour lino print using more than one block

This method of cutting the block into pieces is really useful for creating a multi colour lino print without having to use any registration method.  I did this one first and then today I did the vegetablue and fruit one which was cut into four pieces.


four block print on Lotkha paper

May 2017: Two plate print: An attempt to print a two plate lino print, lots of mistakes, not sure about the paper either.  This is my first proof, more work to do.  need a bigger newer roller too.