19th October : I am thinking of doing a bookwork called the Secret Garden, based on our visit to the garden in Regents Park last month.  The cover inspired the title and theme as it is a lovely image of leaves enclosing a small lavendar flower

I made a 6 section textblock to copy what we are doing in class, and will continue this next week, with mill board covers.  I am going to make some pasted papers to use as covers.


14th October:  Today Subs left for Glastonbury where his band are doing a gig in a big pub there.

It was a lovely sunny autumn day today.  I had some time to make some pasted papers.  This time I used methyl cellulose which I bought online, it’s easy to mix up, you add hot water and mix well, when you add the cold water it gets really thick.

I mixed up some with various colours to make some more pasted papers for our new book.


Marks made using a broad spatula diagonally across the page brushed with red and black paint


I wanted something more unusual so I drew paint on with a ceramic tool and I had made a block with string folded around.


As above but with black paint on the string block instead of red


This is a bit of a mess using orange, blue and black paint and the tiling tool worked in various directions.

I also made a textblock to copy what we are doing in class, namely an 8 section book with full casing.

6th October 2016 : making a book on my own

Here is the finished book, albeit the inner textblock is skewed!  I should have checked the squareness of the block before glueing it into the case.


Single Section book, with bookcloth on spine and hand made cover

I made a single section book as far as we got in the class in Week 3 – which is  up to attaching the board and book cloth.  I couldn’t find my fraynot so had to use normal paper to strengthen the spine.

The paper is Snowden cartridge from Paperchase, with green coloured paper also from there, 4 leaves of paper cut with the grain downwards.

Snowden Cartridge x 4, 2 end papers

Snowden Cartridge x 4, 2 end papers

Marking the holes

Marking the holes

Sewing the five holes

Sewing the five holes


Adding the boards and the book cloth, now under boards overnight

The bookcloth was a  bit skewed and the papes of the block weren’t even, as I didn’t think to cut them square – never mind – it was a trial only.

I also made some paste paper today, using sponge blocks onto dry and wet paper.  I also added some colour to previous paste papers.   I used the wallpaper paste that I mixed up before.  I added some colour to the last made papers too, the ones on the right.  The left side ones only had paint added using sponges, this was an experiment.

29th September: I tried to make paste paper with the japanese glue, it was okay but not as good as that we used at the city lit with methyl cellulose, so I have ordered some online as well as a pair of dividers.

20th September : It’s time to start a sketchbook of ideas, photos, drawings for my bookbinding projects.  I will start this week and post images here too as well as in a sketchbook.  My first project is to make some paste painted paper for book covers, using tools and leaves, feathers, etc. Using cartridge paper, Japanese rice glue and acrylic paint.