May 2019:  British Museum : Edvard Munch exhibition – if you can put up with the queues as you go in and the exhorbitent price of £17.00 it is a good show.

May 2019: Reuben Mednikoff at the Camden Arts Centre : psychorealism.  I’m hoping to get to this before my class just down the road from the gallery.

February 2019:  John Ruskin at 2 Temple Place – a wonderful show of paintings and Ruskin’s collection of odd objects in a marvellous building : Gothic, wood panelling, lots of ambience.


A giant Swallow’s wing!


the stained glass windows at 2 Temple Place, London


Ruskin’s collected works

Christmas 2018:  The Hayward Gallery:  Space Shifters exhibition.  Subs and I are going this week to see this interesting looking event.

January 2019: The British Library:  Anglo Saxon exhibition.  We are going to see this during the holidays.

Sublime Symmetry

Guildhall Art Library: Sublime Symmetry until 28 October, this was a lovely exhibition, small but well worth seeing for the detail.

November 2018:  King Ashurbanipal exhibition at the British Museum

Here is a link to the blog from the British Museum about this amazing point in history. A period much closer to us than that of Uruk and Innana: 1300 BC compared to 4500 to 6000 BC


October 2018:  Meeting of Holloway Art Lending Library – we are going to be learning about how to run a charity as volunteers