Assignment 1: From Research to Print

ASSIGNMENT 1 : From Research to Print

I had a go at this last year and it was not successful, I went to the British Museum.  I need to redo this project and will do so this winter.

Assignment 1 has been set to demonstrate your understanding of
carrying out research and following this through into final prints.
Using the guidance and help of Module 2 – Drawing for Print, Research
and Study, visit a place of your choice to carry out a research trip. This trip
can be the same trip as set by Project 1 in this module, or a separate trip

You can visit a place of natural beauty, a historical building, cathedral, place
of worship, museum or any place that carries local interest or meaning to

Through this trip carry out drawings, photographs and studies of your chosen
area. Begin to focus your work on a specific subject that the place inspires.
Complete a sketchbook of work exploring ideas and themes that you could
use in your final prints.

From this sketchbook of work begin to collate your studies into plans for

Complete 3 final prints to submit for assessment demonstrating the following
3 different printmaking techniques:

  • Monoprint
  • Collograph
  • Drypoint

To complete this project you need to create the following : they can be for assessment or not.  I didn’t realise we can submit work for assessment!  so I haven’t done.

• 3 A4 pages of your sketchbook or A4 idea sheets to show where your
ideas came from and what was your inspiration. These can be pure
sketches, collages, cut-outs or any other medium.
• 1 monoprint
• 1 collograph
• 1 drypoint
• A small 50-100 word statement accompanying the work to explain why
you chose the project and the reasons for the images that you submit.