A Pre New Year Walk near the Thames and Gallions Reach

I will be teaching a group of professionals at an industrial complex in Gallions Reach, near the River Thames and at the southern most part of the Docklands Railway. Subs and I went for a walk there and also to test the journey time, it took 1.5 hours, sadly the train broke down coming home and we got lost and exhausted. I took some photos. This is a major development that started 20 years ago and continues today, there are major factories and businesses here, thousands of residential buildings, it’s quiet and there are no pubs, cafes or restaurants. I was so glad to get back home to Islington!

December 24th 2018:  Hampstead Heath.  It was a sunny day, the mist was rising from the grass.  We are near this wonderful place, just a quick bus ride. We walked down to South end green and then got the C11 bus to Archway and home to a glass of mulled wine.

Hampstead Heath next to Kenwood House, north London UK

Tuesday 2nd August 2016:  Subs and I walked round the block on this rainy day to our favourite coffee shop! and I took some photos on my phone camera to see how close up I can get with that low level lens.  Actually the quality is just as good as my very expensive DSLR!

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