Module 1 & 2: Studio and Drawing

Module 1 and 2:  Studio Space and Drawing for Print

I have created my studio space and have started drawing this wintry month of January 2017.  I am still in the process of filling my first sketchbook – I’m getting there!.

Project 2 – Themed Sketchbook Studies
Using one of the subject matter ideas listed below, create a complete A4 sketchbook of work to use as inspiration for prints. Combine as many different media in the sketchbook as you can – use cut-outs, pencil, charcoal, pastels, paints, inks, photographs and collage. Look at monochrome images as well as colour.

– Life drawing / figurative drawing
– Still life
– Architecture
– Self Portraiture
To add in a little more depth and thought to your sketchbook, pick one of the words from page 41 to help focus the sketchbook and give it more of  theme. For example you could combine ‘Belonging’ with self portraiture or ‘Space’ with architecture to help focus where your drawing should develop.

If necessary, this project could take you the length of the course to complete, so allow it to grow organically and focus on layering images up and creating interesting textures and shapes. Develop certain themes and explore different ways of presenting images in a sketchbook.

My Still Life Themed practice:

7th Feb: Today’s images are a way of working with media: acetate and collage.  The image below comes from an online course into drawing and inspiration and comes out of my drawings of everyday objects.


See through mug


Storm in a mug

4th Feb: Today’s drawing is a charcoal sketch of a jar of tools in my studio.  I am feeling achy today from yesterday’s osteo session and later on I will be leaving for my bookbinding course in Holborn.  I need to get over making a mess in my office!  I have a new expensive carpet in there so I am being careful as I also teach in there.


Module 1: January 2017: Themed Practice

I am going to  be drawing as often as I can move myself to do it!  I am just getting back into drawing and have chosen pen and ink as I find it so much easier than other media.  But I will be delving into graphite, charcoal and pastels.

Today I spent a while drawing some more kitchen utensils and I really enjoyed it.  You have to spend time focusing on the object in three dimensional space, and it’s not easy.  Also looking at where the darkest darks and the lightest lights are.  The precise shape is not important and your own hand gives your drawing character.




Module 1: January 2017

Researching facilities:

I am currently researching local places to use facilities, but so far no luck, most open access print places are a long way away in south or east London.  I can do some at home but I will eventually have to print in a studio for editions and fine art prints.

First week:  Downloading materials, collecting materials and preparing sketchbooks and storage space as well as getting all my tools sharpened and locating lino, acetage to print on.  Intaglio Printmakers in Southward is a place I use for all my purchases.

So, this blog will document my work week by week on this course.

Module 1: Drawing for Print

My topic is Everyday Things:   as it is extremely cold I have decided to do some drawings and photos of everyday objects in my house.

I started with drawings of items from the kitchen, just a few things to start with and get back into drawing. I like using pen and ink as I am not very good with a pencil.



Module 1: January 2017: Monoprinting

This is printmaking at its most basic and is a good platform to start with.  I was a it uninspired today and this is all I managed to do, hopefully after a few research visits I will have more material to use and make prints from.