Woodcut printing day

Woodcut day at Inky cuttlefish studio

I did a woodcut printing day at Inkycuttlefish Studios in East London.

We looked at the history of traditional woodcuts from Japan, how they soak their wood in water and brush on the ink, water based, with brushes, then printing on soaked paper.


We did a simple design on wood, the positive image on one side and the background on the reverse side.  We printed in two colours and with graded colours.  Nice music in the background too!

The ink is water based, the cutting is much harder than lino printing but you get nice effects.

I went outside the studio to briefly draw the tree I had seen on my way in.


We cut our woodcuts using the proper woodcut tools, cutting lines with a bevel and removing using a u shaped gouge.  Then we printed first the background – in my case the red/yellow, and then on the top the main image – blue.


Blackhorse Lane woodcut, April 2017