Summer Bookwork for Subs and his gigs :  It’s a concertina bookwork with hard covers and a slip case


Bookwork cover

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April 2017:  this is longstitich binding

26th March:  My finished bookworkbelow: Dawn in Cheyenne – waiting for the diner to open:

The bookwork is printed on Lotka paper – on the smooth side on an Epson printer.  The prints were scanned.  The cover has a hinge to take the japanese binding.  It incorporates monoprints and text which describes moments on my travel spent in tea houses, coffee houses and cafes from Europe to India and west to San Francisco.

22nd March 2017:  Today I spent time doing a japanese binding technique.  I went to Homebase today to buy a cordless drill – found a really nice light one for 26.00. Sadly today there was a terrorist attack on Westminster Bridge and at Parliament with some people having died and many injured.  It’s now dangerous to live in cities in Europe.


Two template japanese bound books made this week

I have changed the bookwork from its original incarnation below which used coptic binding, hand written quotes and a red book cloth cover; my new bookwork has a white cover with an enlarged lino print design; the quotes are typed and added two or three to each image, to give some texture to the bookwork – as suggested by a colleague on my bookbinding course.

I am collating my pages for my book of prints which is now re-entitled : Dawn in Cheyenne … waiting for the diner to open.  It is a bookwork which includes quotes from my travels from India to San Francisco spending time and moments in cafes, diners and tea houses.


Pages being prepared for my bookwork

One idea for a cover, with cover paper made from an enlarged section of a lino print.


First draft cover

I bought a nice small, lightweight cordless drill which I will be using the for the holes in the book it will be easier than using an awl and hammer!

March 2017:  My current bookbinding project is based on the topic Everyday Things and incorporates prints that I have made as part of my online printmaking course.

I started with some simple pen and ink drawings and have made a series of prints: monoprints and lino prints.  I have had a go at a  coptic bound book and now I am continuing with this book project using a Japanese sewing method, starting with four holes which is easy to follow and then to do a more complex tortoise method of sewing.


prints ready to be collated into my book

I have been doing a lot of printmaking as part of my online course and have so far produced 12 lino prints and monoprints which I am going to collate into a book:

This is the coptic bound bookwork: