Family album/stories

November to next year:  I will be doing a workshop at London Print Studio in Harrow Road, London in photocopy etching to work more on this series in a more photographic/realistic/photocopy way.  I think this would be really useful.

I am inspired by the work of Piia Lehti who works with soft images and contrast.


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November 2018:  I am now rethinking my family album series.  The image with me with wings and feet needs a lot of work.

  • I want to create an image with soft background to contrast with darker foreground images
  • To work in a more realistic manner with the figure and the added items: wings, feet, etc.
  • To do a series of drawings as basis for research
  • See picture in pixlr : piia lehti’s images are similar to mine
  • to experiment with ink and charcoal

September to October 2018:  I am adding some details from my owl images and the Queen’s wings.  In December I am going to do a workshop in photocopy etching to produce this series of three images.


Innanna Queen of the Night in the British Museum London

1 August:   I am working on this image from my childhood to add details that relate to a story and mystery that form part of my visual sketchbook, memories, thoughts, and who I am and how I see myself.  Once it is ready I will book some time at the studio to print a photopolymer image.  I’m not sure about the feathers – maybe none, maybe bigger, much bigger.  The feet and legs belong to Innanna the Queen of the Nig


wings-and-feet-1-august sml

My family album:  The New Coat, working image

21 July :  I did a workshop at London Print Studio today.  We started by sending them an image in greyscale which was transferred onto film at high quality; the highlights were enhanced to give some pure white areas; this image was then prepared with talcum and laid on top of a sensitised plate at 70 seconds.  The plate is then washed in water to reveal the image.  The plate is then hardened  in the light box to harden the emulsion.  Then it is ready to be printed.

I printed this image The New Coat in sepia on cream paper on an etching press inked up in the usual way. It is so  much easier than printing a collograph as the plate is really smooth.  You start with scrim in a corkscrew method and then three times with clean scrim, finishing with tissue to reveal highlights.

I will be continuing with this process and booking open access 0nce I have my image ready.  I’ll be going to Old st to get my film positive made.