Homage to Hopper

December 2018: My second attempt at this Hopper painting.  I don’t like it very much and I mught have to do it again, the tables are wrong, the back wall in not good.  The light on the left of the window is too light/white; the lettering is scrappy, the dark back wall needs some lighter grey in it and the Homage to Hopneed tobe drawn better.  There need to be more shades of grey


Homage to Hopper: I want to Live in a Hopper Painting: 2nd attempt, woodcut

Comparing the two attempts at Suey:

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A new lino print in my series of homages to Edward Hopper,  This is the famous Nighthawks, I have a copy of it in our living room in colour, it is my favourite painting and I wanted to spend some time in the painting so I am making a relief print

Edward Hopper Nighthawks: photocopy in grey scale

First and Second printing : very light grey mid grey

Next printing will be darker grey and then a final dark grey almost black for the diner itself.  I like getting into a painting as you learn what the painter saw and did, the shadows don’t match anything in the diner!

Octber 21: Dark grey printing today:



Third Printing, dark grey, The next printing will be nearly black


final printing: dark grey/black