Work in progress

November 2019:  I am currently working on a history project of shops in Victorian London, mainly Holloway Road.

April 2019:  I went to the studio today to make photopolymer plates, what a palaver that is! The final print is not good I need to pack the press more.  I’m going again next week, hopefully I will have a hassle free time there – too many other people taking ages with their prints.

March 2019: I am currently working on various ideas in sketchbooks and getting back into sketching. This week I am going to London Print Studio in West London to do a drypoint workshop.  I have done this method but I want to go to use open access at the studio from now on so this will be a way of seeing the presses.

Below is a simple concertina sketchbook made from sketches done on my journey to Cally Road in north London. I like this way of working which is looser than doing representational drawings and sketches which really you have to break away from eventually and create your own style of working and expressing yourself.

book small

February 2019: We just completed the 30 day sketchbook challenge which I really enjoyed.  Here is a collection of my images which we did in January.



I am now working on an online sketchbook course organised by Magenta Sky.