Work in progress

April 2018: I am also working on a linoprint entitled I was Born Here, it’s in it’s third state as I didn’t like the previous ones.  This one I have taken more care with the detail and the contrast and the composition and worked much more slowly.

I need to tweak a few bits but on the whole I’m very pleased.


April 2018: I’ve got three prints on the go: two collagraphs The Tree That Wanted To Fly, which I have now printed about 4 times and I am still not pleased with the result.  I’m going back to print on Thursday, hopefully I can put them in for an exhibition this year.  I like the blue tree but it is leaking badly so I will have to print it again.  The other one is nice if a bit colourless, it needs a bit of blue in the sky and maybe brown in the ground area



printing collagraphs at the studio

March 26th:  Below is the first lino print taken off the plate.  It has some nice details but overall it’s a disappointment: it needs more fine detail, I don’t like the sky, the water tower can go and the sky marks, I need to sort out the fence and the wings don’t work at all!


The place where I was born, lino print, March 2018, first proof

March 12th:  This is my first drawing for the Family Album Series: I was Born Here.  It will be a lino print in black and white only.  The wings represent the desire to fly away from this grim place that is the home to my family and grandparents, yet at the same time it is a place of mystery, wonder, roots and a pull for me,  I am certainly not a southerner!


Drawing for lino print

March 11th:  Well, Ive been to East London Printmakers and printed some collagraph textures.  I am reworking my collagraph of the Tree that wanted to Fly.  This is the lastest collagraph with extra carborundum added to the ground and the sky.


Collagraph with various textures

2018: January

My resolution this year is to have a membership for open access with a London based studio.  I have already tried one in Walthamstow which was a disaster – dirty, unkempt, no health and safety and a lousy etching press.

I’m booked into East London Printmakers next week for an induction and an etching session I’ll finally get my collagraphs printed!

Themes:  One of my themes is based on my poem the Tree That Wanted to Fly, which incorporates drypoint, woodcut, and collagraphs.

My second theme is My Family Album which so far incorporates lino prints and drypoints.

My further resolution is to up my print size from A4 to A3!  and to start utilising both my new print drying shelf unit and the two open access studio that I have joined: London Print studio and East London Printmakers.

I am probably going to do a Photopolymer course at LPS this year to enable me to use photo based imagery incorporating it with other media.