Resources for the course which is being run by Coursera:

Books and articles

Supplemental Videos:

  • In this video, Cities and the New Urban Crisis, I discuss the new divides and challenges facing cities with a mayor, business official and other urban experts.
  • In the second video, Cities in Crisis, I discuss the challenges of housing, inequality and gentrification.

Supplemental Reading:

  • My most recent book, The New Urban Crisis, published in April 2017 provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges and divides facing cities in the 21st century.
  • Lance Freeman, the leading expert on gentrification, discusses gentrification’s myths and realities.
  • “The Downsides of the Back-to-the-City Movement” outlines the factors that have propelled the recent gentrification of the urban center and the winners and losers it produces.
  • “America’s Most Economically Segregated Cities” outlines the problem of the rising economic segregation of our cities. Across America and much of the advanced world, middle class neighborhoods have declined as cities are divided into small areas of concentrated wealth surrounded by much larger spans of concentrated advantage.