Printmaking gallery

Diploma in Printmaking Course: Here is a selection of the work I have done so far on my online printmaking diploma course with Magenta Sky

Multi block lino prints: May 2017 :  These prints incorporate cut up shapes which are reshaped together for printing on Lotkha paper by hand

Lemon, cabbage and orange

3 block colour print

Bookworks:  March 2017:  My first bookwork while doing my printmaking course is entitled Dawn in Cheyenne – waiting for the diner to open and is based on memories of moments in my travels in various cafes, tea houses and diners from the UK to India and San Francisco, taking in France, Greece, Crete, Mykonos and Turkey.  It incorporates lino prints and monoprints

It incorporates work I am doing on my printmaking course, my initial theme is Everyday Things – as it was too cold to go out drawing!  so I chose a simple coffee/tea mug and did various drawings and then prints.

It is printed on an Epson printer on Lotkha Nepalese handmade paper from original monoprints and lino prints.  The binding is Japanese Stab Binding.

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Collagraphs February to April  2017: These collographs are made with different media stuck onto a base using pva:  I have used grasses, tin foil, tissue paper, glue/pva squeezed out of a tube, masking tape, handmade paper and printed by hand with a baren on thin paper or Zerkall, as I don’t have access to an etching press at the moment

various media: tin foil, tissue paper, board, gesso, glue

leaves, grass, card, masking tape

Monoprints:  incorporating stencils, back drawing and actual objects rolled up with ink: glove, ruler, eraser: These are single and multiple colour prints: some use stencils, some have back drawing where you draw on the back of the paper you are printing on; some are worked directly into the plate and some used actual objects: glove, ruler and brush


Lino prints: Reduction method and single colour

Module 6 Personal Photo Project:  Put yourself in a place that is important to you – create a lino print.  I did two lino prints and a drypoint – I prefer aspects of both types of prints but none are resolved at this stage.

Drawings: February 2017 : These were my first attempts when I enrolled on my current Diploma in Fine Art Prinmaking Course