Notes to myself

I will post here notes to myself about what I need to be doing next on my course, my reflections on my practice and things I need to plan or do.

29th April:  I did a woodcut day, we learned an excellent method for registering multi colour prints for which you can also use  a master or key print in black.

Need to do more small prints working on colours.  Use thinner ink and thinner paper: try Zerkall 100 gsm with a slight beige tone.  Do graded colours too.  Plan the image better with each block for each colour.

21 April:  I have bought a registration base from Laura Boswell so that I can start making properly registered prints.  It’s time to go back to basics for me and you need to start with your equipment, proper paper, mixing inks and rolling them out evenly.  In other words, getting your working practice together.

6th April.  I tried some new collagraphs today using bark, feather and leaves, but they didn’t turn out as I expected.  I need to plan my images more now.  I still feel as if I am just a beginner to printmaking when in fact I have a degree in it and years of photography training!! where has it all gone?

This is a book I am reading as my topic is Everyday Things:


23 March:

Glue drawing with pva and printing as per Module 5 class notes.  I made one last night using daler board, pva squeezable glue and Liquitex acrylic medium to create some dark areas on the mug.  I also gave it a coat of shellac.

I did this today and printed it.  The Liquitex medium printed really well, exactly as it was brushed on; the glue also printed well.  The lines in the base too.


  • Collagraphs : create a library of media to use for textues and tones, check out all the many different textures listed from the course and other sites, from light to medium tones to darks
  • Read up the notes for Module 5.
  • Buy some carborundum
  • find a new topic of interest
  • Do a large 3 colour print : A3 size