Module 6: lino mark making

Project 1 – Mark Making Exercise
Make sure that you have a selection of V-tools, gouges and a craft knife available to use for this project. Use a 10cm square of lino and divide the square up into 16 even sections each 2.5cm tall and wide by marking the lino with a pencil.

In each section, create a series of different marks and textures. Use each of the different tools you have available in turn and even try experimenting with other tools. (e.g the sharp point of a drypoint needle or wire wool). Try to make each section as different as possible – create dots, stripes, cross hatching, large gouges, small spirals etc.

Refer back to the mark making diagram on the previous page for examples of the marks you can make. When you have finished cutting, print the lino in black waterbased ink.

You more importantly now have a print demonstrating your cutting ability and that will act as a reference guide for when you are looking to make a certain type of mark in future prints. Write down on one of the prints exactly how the marks were made, to remind you later on.

This is a good practice to do and is on my list – I need to do more experimental work with printing rather than trying to get finished images.  I have a long way to go!

Tools to use:

  • usual lino cutting tools
  • knife
  • wire wool
  • sandpaper
  • anything else?