Module 4: Project : multi layered print

Project 2 – Large Multi Layered Print

Pick the largest piece of glass to work from and printing paper for this particular monoprint that you have available. A3 to A1 size is ideal. An alternative is to work directly on the large perspex or glass slab that you usually ink up on and simply place the paper over this, instead of using a separate sheet of glass.

Using a subject matter of your choice, look to explore ways of creating a large multi coloured, multi layered monoprint. Make a preparatory sketch before you begin work on the final print to help plan out your idea. Look to include at least 4 layers of colour in your print and at least 2 of the different methods we have covered in the past 2 modules.

As a general rule work from the lightest colour to the darkest if you are printing colours individually. Alternatively you may wish to just create the bulk of the print in one technique and add highlights in another.

Think carefully about scale and the impact that this has on a print.Your marks may need to be bolder and larger than you have used so far to have an impact. This is also probably the largest format print that you will create during this course so really try to make the most of it and open up to the way you create this design!

I haven’t made a large print yet, I’m a bit dubious at this stage, but maybe I will over the weekend.  I need to find a good subject matter so I think I’ll go out this weekend and take some photos.  I fancy doing something like a billboard or the corner of a building – not nature or still life.