Assignment 2: In the style of …

In the style of … I have chosen for this assignment my favourite American painter, Edward Hopper and his street scenes and landscapes.

The first one is Cafeteria and is a reduction lino print with two colours only pale and mid grey.

The second one is a street scene: Early Sunday Morning.  I love the way the light hits the street in the painting – it’s not so easy to do this with a two colour lino print!  However I think it does in some way evoke an early morning with some sunlight.

  1.  Cafeteria

2.  Early Sunday Morning: Reduction lino print

In this street scene lino print I used a different lino which I find much better and less grainy it’s grey and more impacted and less soft, however you need to have sharp tools.  I need to get some new tools and learn how to sharpen them.

I like the tones in this one – the white I used is Caligo and much better than the one I got from Cornelissons which is very runny.

Cafeteria printing :

This is the first printing – a mid grey. I had to remove the pen lines which marked the image and had problems trying to assess where to cut the second layer – I’ll have to rethink how to transfer an image to lino that stays.

I have since used less pen marks on my lino and worked much more in detail with the tools from the actual master image – this works much better.



The 3rd printing stage for this first attempt at this image and the final one – I didn’t use black on this one, just dark grey

The lino is soft and white – it’s quite grainy but nice to cut.  The paper is a rag paper cheap from Cass Art – I won’t be using it again as it expands with the inks and buckles.  I need to find a better paper, with size that is lightweight and doesn’t expand.  This is a reduction lino print and the next colour will be dark grey and finally black.

Paper:  I discarded the rag paper from the first block as it was useless, it expanded badly and lost shape and used A3 paper from a cartridge sketchbook, a smooth sized paper, 120 gsm – perfect!  and nice results and I managed to keep the registration intact too.