Printmaking completed this year:  Since February of this yesr 2017 I have been doing printmaking on the Diploma in Fine Art Printmaking course with Magenta Sky and Susan Yeates.

November 2017:  I am now starting to work more with my imagination and did a workshop this week at East London Printmakers in Drypoint and Carborundum.  I will be continuint with this method now for some time.

I had been involved with photography and digital imaging for many years and needed to get back into a more creative hands on approach.

We started with monoprints and drawings.  My theme was Everyday Objects and I made several  prints and drawings and also a book in the Japanese style with quotes from my travels from the US to India which was completed overland in the 1970s.  I travelled across the US in a greyhound bus in the early 80s..

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Then we went into working with relief prints: lino mainly and later wood.

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Next we started working with drypoint on plastic and acetate which is a very nice medium.

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Along with a woodcut which I did at Inky Cuttlefish studios in Walthamstow and other bits and pieces.

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