Betty Woodman at the ICA


Betty Woodman at the ICA till April – got to go and see this – very picassoesque.

From the ICA website:

The first UK solo presentation of works by Betty Woodman (born 1930), one of the most important contemporary artists working with ceramics today. Woodman’s conceptual boldness and her ambitious experimentationin which she combines such unlikely materials as lacquer paint on earthenware and terra sigillata, a slip glaze often used on ancient ceramics, on paperhave generated a unique series of innovations.

All her work relates to her ceramics, their decorative design, imagery and unusual use of various media, and can be seen as a way of exploring her painterly sensibility. Her work alludes to and blends numerous sources, including Minoan and Egyptian art, Greek and Etruscan sculpture, Tang Dynasty works, majolica and Sèvres porcelain, Italian Baroque architecture, and the paintings of Bonnard, Picasso and Matisse.

Saturday 27 February:  a cold wintry day.  Today, Subs and I made it to the ICA in London to see the ceramics exhibition.  We were a bit worried as there is a demo today – anti trident – and we didn’t want to get caught up in that, or suffer any bus delays.

It was a wonderful show – full of colour and life and spontaneity!  She uses a lot of bisque fired elements which are painted with acrylic and then laquered, rather than using the conventional slips or underglazes that are used in traditional pottery.

I have been looking at new ways of adding colour to pots – I have been using newspaper brushed on with paint and applied to the clay which works well.  I’m going to do a Betty inspired tile in the shape of a vase with bright colours.

We finished off our visit with delicious orange cake and muffin in the lovely ICA cafe with tea and coffee and then we got the bus home and managed to do it all without being bothered by any demo, thank god!