Workshops 2019

May 2019:  Experimental Printmaking coming up in June, which I have booked to work on my family album series, it takes place at Mary Ward Centre in Bloomsbury.

April:  Going to East London Printmakers to make another plate with their technician, then I am booked to go the following week to make 3 more plates and finally be able to print my photopolymer prints.

2019:  March: Photopolymer at Bainbridge Studios – learned a lot at this day workshop, but sadly the equipment is really not up to standard so I won’t be using it for open access.  However I learned where to get plates made.

2019: April: London Print Studio: Some one to one training on the photopol unit – I now know how to make a plate although the studio gets crowded and some people manage to hog the plate making machine and the presses

2019:  January Sketching for Fun and The Sketchbook Challenge 2019 : currently doing the first one and taking my time with it.  Enjoyed this ad made a book out of all th miages that I made during January using many media



2019: London Print Studio: Printmaking : 8th March:  Drypoint Course all day