Workshops 2019

October/November 2019:  Ian Rawlinson two day workshop on collagraphs at Slaughterhaus studio in Stockwell in November.  I have started an urban printmaking project especially for this upcoming workshop and took some photos, made some drawings and prints today.  I’ll continue with this and go to the local history library to do some research.

September 2019:  Monotype at Slaughterhaus studio Saturday afternoon. It was okay but I didn’t produce anything I can use really. I am a bit dry on ideas these days.

September 2019:  Anna Mason Watercolour Course  I only did a few modules of this course and I enjoyed trying to paint realistic plants using thin washes of colour. But I ended it after a couple of weeks as I am starting to do more printmaking now.

July 2019:  going to Slaughterhaus next week to do a Colour Printing workshop. This was a good day, learned a lot about working with colour – so much to learn so many different ways of working, I have a lot to think about. 

June 2019:  Well I’ve had enough of using nasty little printmaking studios in London, I tried one in Brixton to make a photopolymer plate, the machine was held together with old bits and pieces.  I gave up and haven’t done anything since.

2019:  March: Photopolymer at Bainbridge Studios – learned a lot at this day workshop, but sadly the equipment is really not up to standard so I won’t be using it for open access.  However I learned where to get plates made.

2019: April: London Print Studio: Some one to one training on the photopol unit – I now know how to make a plate although the studio gets crowded and some people manage to hog the plate making machine and the presses

2019:  January Sketching for Fun and The Sketchbook Challenge 2019 : currently doing the first one and taking my time with it.  Enjoyed this ad made a book out of all the images that I made during January using various media

2019: London Print Studio: Printmaking : 8th March:  Drypoint Course all day.  Useful but I won’t be copying the techniques he taught, much too fiddly and not very good results.

Botanical drawing