The tree series of collagraphs

April 2018:  I spent the morning at East London Printmakers proofing my two collagraphs.  I am quite happy now, learning how to print textured plates. I need to ease off the pressure of the press as the ink is leaking in one, although I should have seen that there was too much ink on the plate. Fabriano paper is nice.  I am going back next week to print these again.



I used the same inking methods for the second image: black with extender rubbed well in and cleaned then adding yellow ochre, blue and some dark green but I need to do more colour in the ground and more blue in the sky.    I like the colour tone in the top one which is a mix of blue in parts and black in parts rather than mixing blue and black together, I think it works better.

March 2018: I printed the Tree That wanted to Fly collagraph plate today at East London Print, black ink with half extender and once the plate was wiped clean I added some dabs of yellow ochre and prussian blue also with extender.    The press was set to 4 screw marks for pressure withe one blanket and two tissue sheets.  The plate was very dirty on the rear side and I must try to work cleaner in future.  The ink is water based etching ink from Intaglio.

The slideshow shows two images; one the printed one and the other doctored to lighten areas in photoshop to see which areas I need to lighten next time I print. 

The lightened image shows the sky and tree better and the plans, rocks and moon also sand out.  There is a bit to the right of the tree that also  needs to be lightened in order to show the shape of the tree canopy.

I like the ground area now, it has detail and nice shapes and provides more interest than the original roots did. I also like the added plants on the ground.  I’m getting to know this print – it takes time.

So next printing I need to lighten the areas as shown, use black for the base and add colour: ochre and blue once wiped and remove ink using tissue and cutips.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

March 2018 :  I am reworking the collagraph plate for this image, adding more detail to the roots of the tree rather than those winding shapes, I am using watercolour paper and small shapes of snails and bulbs.  I will fill it in with some sinewy roots and then book a session to print it.


Collagraph plate unfinished and unvarnished as yet

Re:  image below:  This is my first attempt to make a collagraph for my Tree series of images.  I am pleased with the tree and land, but the ground/roots need more work and I need more light to dark textures.  I think I may add carborundum to the ground to make it very dark.  and rather than roots just embed shapes like shells and stones into the dark area.


this was my first attempt at this collagraph, as you can see above I have abandoned the roots and added more ground details.

These are some texture cards I printed this last week at East London Printmakers, using blue and lots of extender.  I used watercolor paper, a feather in gesso, tin foil, glue



This slideshow requires JavaScript.





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I am an English language tutor and Business English tutor. I am trying to learn how best to teach online as it is a burgeoning market. I am also an artist and printmaker here in London, UK.
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