This year …

January 2018: (Work in Progress page) Printmaking:  I am working on my new project and exploring the shapes of the image in monoprint and colour.  I am now researching ways to produce the image or suite of images in collagraph and I am making various plates using different materials : tin foil, leaves, feathers, watercolor paper, torn tissue, gesso, string, hemp, etc.

I am booking a workshop at East London Printmakers starting this month in collagraph and carborundum so that I can develop my skills in this area, particularly in multi plate printing and working with colour.


Monoprint: The Tree that wanted to Fly

I have a new exam student and in May I will be starting my Part 1 Healing Training with the Healing Trust, so that by June I’ll be able to start doing voluntary healing at the Highgate healing centre.

About Gandha

I am a qualified art teacher and English Language tutor. I currently teach English online. I have a degree in art/printmaking and my partner and I go walking around London and the Heath to explore. I am a regular artist and printmaker and also a management committee member of a local housing co-operative
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