Drypoint and Carborundum

This is my master image for my workshop this week at East London Printmakers, it is entitled The Tree Who Wanted To Fly Like an Owl over the Dark Fields and will be a drypoint with carborundum.

The owl represents seeing through the veil of life, through the ordinary day to day to the mystery beyond.


The Tree what wanted to fly…. drawing for print, November 2017

There was once a tree that wanted to fly like an owl

Across the dark fields

To swoop unseen and unheard

To touch the moon and then

fly down to the dark grassy meadow

and plant once more its roots

into the cool, dark earth

and live with the memory

of its concourse with the winds, the moon

and the stars.

Initial print using two plates.  I don’t like the effect though and am remaking this print. It is a drypoint with a second background plate using carborundum printed with coloured etching inks.



About Gandha

I am a London based artist, researcher and walker.
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