Serpentine Gallery June 2017

Exhibitions at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park: We had a lovely time walking across Hyde Park to the Serpentine Gallery – to the main one and the extension designed by Zaha Hadid.  It was sunny with a strong fresh breeze as we watched the mother swan with her babies cygnets in the lake.


The Sackler Gallery is an amazing building shaped like a pringle and similar to the design for the Olympic swimming pool in Stratford. Here is an exhibition by Al Jaffer and his compatriots, a very unusual exhibition about black identity in America.  There was a huge black southern cross hanging in front of a black American flag.  Constructed female figures like collages.


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Then we went across the park to the main Serpentine Gallery to see the Grayson Perry exhibition of tapestries, bicycles, Huge coil pots and images.small-bike


It was a lovely windy day in Hyde Park and Subs dressed up for the occasion (of going to see a Grayson Perry exhib!).  Then we wandered towards the main road and found a cafe that served yoghours and fruit.


All in all it was a lovely sunny interesting and cultured day not to say with lots of nice food too, from salady sarnies in Prets to creamy yoghourts and fruit in the bowling cafe.

Home to feeding our little Pip and giving him his insulin.


About Gandha

I am a qualified art teacher and English Language tutor. I currently teach English online. I have a degree in art/printmaking and my partner and I go walking around London and the Heath to explore. I am a regular artist and printmaker and also a management committee member of a local housing co-operative
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