Woodcut printing day

I really enjoyed my day at Inkycuttlefish studio learning woodcut and its history.  Great studio and nice music too! Lots of cups of coffee or tea.  Mine is a tree I saw on the way along Blackhorse Lane, E17.  It’s so easy to get to on the overground railway from my home.


Printmaking is easy when you don’t have a concept or you don’t have to worry about your drawing – you can just play with shapes and colour combinations which is basically what I do.  I need to find another way of creating  images and a way of connecting with a more personal approach.

There was some amazing work in the studio by various people and I realise that I have to look again at what I am doing with my prints and images – I need to start on something a bit more serious and researched than what I usually do.

Time to get on both with my prints and my bookbinding.


About Gandha

I am an English language tutor and Business English tutor. I am trying to learn how best to teach online as it is a burgeoning market. I am also an artist and printmaker here in London, UK.
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