Rachel Ruysch

Subs and I went to the National Gallery today to look at 2 paintings by Rachel Ruysch which were talked about on a radio programme this week.

I don’t usually like such paintings but this one is full of such rich detail, the insects, butterflies etc.  Her father was a famous anatomist and he did some very bizarre etchings and drawings of bodies, skeletons and insects – which Rachel grew up with.  She was famous for her amazing paintings: the light, the detail the way she uses colour – amazing….

We found the room and then had  tea and cake in the new cafe – then I went to  Paperchase to buy some paper for more books.  It was a really nice sunny day.  Subs bought a book by David Toop in Fop.


About Gandha

I am an English language tutor and Business English tutor. I am trying to learn how best to teach online as it is a burgeoning market. I am also an artist and printmaker here in London, UK.
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