Printmaking July

The Morley printmakers went to the Imperial War Museum yesterday and we drew directly onto drypoint plates with etching needles and made sketches of the items there.  I started at the top in the Holocaust section – there were many very emotive items of clothing, tailors scissors and cottons, family albums of people in German uniform, shirts with swastika brooches,  so many ID cards, visas

Even in war bureaucracy is well organised – every paper, every visa, every passage or journey needed a pass, signed, and stamped.  This is one of my drypoint and chine colle prints printed at the Morley College print studio.  I used different textures and marks on the plate: scratching, tape, bookbinding tape, sellotape scratched into, thick and thin lines – as we were printing on a really good etching press, the ink held in the lines, whereas at Shadwell, where the press is very lightweight, the lines looked like thin pen and ink lines and had no depth at all.


Drypoint and Chine Colle, using different surfaces and lines to create a background for the image.


About Gandha

I am an English language tutor and Business English tutor. I am trying to learn how best to teach online as it is a burgeoning market. I am also an artist and printmaker here in London, UK.
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