Monoprinting tips

These instructions are for people who make monoprints with an etching press.  You get much better results by printing intaglio, however I may need to do some home printing:

  1. keep the ink thin (roll it out lightly, or take a light impression to remove any excess before you do the final print)
  2. use oil based inks (water based dry too quickly for me) – I prefer water based inks as I do not like using paraffin to clean up.
  3. try building up layers  with translucent inks (using extender to make them translucent)
  4. use lots of different implements to make different marks
  5. Use brushes to create marks and textures in the ink once it is rolled out or sharp instruments.
  6. Use acetate shapes as masks rather than paper, it is stronger and lasts many prints

About Gandha

I am a London based artist, researcher and walker.
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