Ross Loveday Printmaker

November Landscape:  Monoprint Dry Point – Carborundum Print – 35 x 35 centimetres


“I paint most subjects many times over so that it is not really the subject that truely interests me, but the many possible ways, and finally the only possible way, of expressing it – it’s then that I begin to feel happy inside. It’s a preoccupation of aspects of form in nature.

The subjects are only the starting points – sometimes small, insignificant details or texture triggers a complete painting. I am very wary of committing thoughts about my paintings to print – it can so often sound pretentious and limiting compared to the depth and feeling evoked by viewing a canvass.

Chance and accident in painting are accepted, used and enjoyed – without this, the work sticks and is lifeless. I am not interested in representing the facts as such, although what is created must satisfy me as being true to life, though not naturalistically accurate.

I aim to capture in my paintings the transient mood and light of the four seasons. I hope to convey the feelings of the place and not its description and so I suppose in some ways people have labelled my work “abstract expressionist. A favourite location for inspiration is the Saltmarshes on the North Norfolk coast.”


About Gandha

I am a London based artist, researcher and walker.
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