Mat Collishaw

Mat Collishaw is a very interesting British artist, he works with nature and also has a huge library of research into mystical realms, and the more macabre aspects of dead flora and fauna – although not in a gruesom way.

I was very inspired by a video of his from the Tate website and it is due to this that I have started to do some art work again – so thanks Mat!

Mat Collishaw explores themes of beauty and destruction. In Insecticide 16, the vibrant blue and grey iridescent wings coexist with the mangled crushed body of an insect making it appear both beautiful and tragic. Collishaw’s Insecticide series originated with the birth of his son after his flat had to be cleared of an infestation of bugs.

The artist collected remnants of these bugs from his floor, squashed them between 35mm slides, and began projecting them twelve feet high onto a wall. The microscopic detail of each insect was amplified on a giant scale. Describing the work, Collishaw says: “it seemed to me this was a very simple example of the work being an act of death: petit morte … It records an act of violence but can also produce some quite beautiful images”.


Insecticide Matt Collishaw


Sordid Earth, Matt Collishaw


About Gandha

I am a London based artist, researcher and walker.
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